I used to think that to exercise I needed to go to a gym, or follow a workout video at home. I at least needed some weights or something. And if I was just going to go around my neighborhood, I had to run. I couldn’t possibly get enough exercise by walking. I had to train for a marathon or 5k. I thought this as recently as one month ago. As you might believe, this had a negative effect on my desire to exercise at all.

Then something switched in my head. One morning I woke up early, and decided to go on a walk. Nothing huge, just around the block. I enjoyed myself so much, that I did it the next day. And the day after that I rode my bike. I have been outside in the morning on a walk or bike ride three or four mornings a week for the last three weeks. And I love it.

I love being up before my family. I love being out in the cool morning air before it heats up like an oven. I love seeing the other people in my neighborhood who go running, biking and walking. After my walk, I love heading over to my garden and looking after things. I pull the few weeds in the beds, and get a second workout pulling the weeds in between the beds, and in the hypothetical pasture, and in the lawn. My garden is better looked after, and I am taking care of myself in a way that I never thought I would like to before.

Occasionally I don’t have the privilege of being up first, but one of my kids beats me to it. Then they get to come with me on my walk. I make it a short one on those days, but they think it is super special to be with Mommy. I think it’s pretty special too.