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I found our first three eggs from the chickens when I went out to my garden today.


I think that two hens have laid these eggs. The two eggs on the left are very similar, while the one on the right is lighter, and a little skinnier. Now if I can just figure out which hens laid them.


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Yesterday was a blustery day. And as I was trundling my kids along in the car, the Chicken Whisperer was sure that with all the dark clouds and wind, we were going to be hit by lightning, and we needed to GO HOME NOW MOM! OR THE LIGHTNING WILL GET US!

I being the loving, caring, comforting mother that I am, did not go home. I did however tell my son that no one has ever been hit by lightning in a car. We were perfectly safe.

This is what was on the news this morning:

Family Struck by Lightning While Driving


UPDATE: Tomato Hornworm

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So I found a hornworm in my potatoes. And seeing as how it is a beautiful caterpillar, transforming into a lovely moth, I put it in a mason jar for my kids to study for science.


Tomato hornworm


It escaped last night.

We can’t find it.

And I actually have a phobia of butterflies and moths. I just know this thing is going to transform somewhere in my house, and then attack me.

UPDATE: Apparently Heavenly Father answered the prayers of my children, for lo, at 8 pm last night, as I crossed the kitchen, there was our caterpillar, high tailing it away from the pantry. He has been re-enclosed in the mason jar, much to my relief.

A Blessed Arrival

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This week, we were blessed with wondrous additions to our family. They weighed 2.5 oz, and were about 1 inch long. Yes, the first tomatoes of the season.