So three apologies off the bat.

1st, I said I was going to post 3 times a week, and I didn’t last week.

2nd, I don’t have any before photos for this garden post.

3rd, I’m closing comments for the forseeable future, because there simply hasn’t been a lot of interest in my blog (my own fault) and all of the comments are spam.

On to the garden post.

Last fall we had a huge load of compost and a huge load of wood chips dumped onto our driveway, which we then used a mini front loader to move over the garden.

front loader

Looked like this

We topped off the raised beds with compost, then spread wood chips for mulch. Then the remaining majority we dumped in the area that will be my new garden area. We did this as quickly as we could, as we had to get the loader back before our time was up. Thus, the new garden area was haphazard at best, and very much piles of material, rather than an even garden bed.

Last Saturday my husband and I (though more my husband, bless him) worked to even out my garden. He used string and stakes to make sure that the corners were square and the sides were straight. Oh, I love my engineer husband. He also did most of the spreading and smoothing of wood chips. I stayed out as long as I could to help, but as soon as I went in to get a drink, the baby saw me and I had to take care of him.

Anyhow, here are the results:




So now that the garden is straightened up, my next big task is this:


This is the area south of the garden and coop. It is about .15 acre. I intend to use it to plant a few fruit trees, with orchard grass underneath, and my chicken ranging over it. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?


Yes, my beautiful ‘pasture’ is completely covered in tumbleweeds. Fun fact: did you know that tumbleweeds are not native to North America? They were accidentally imported in a shipment of agricultural seeds, and within 10 years covered the country.

So my next task is to clear that area. We are going to get a burn permit in mid March, gather up all the weeds, and burn them. We simply can’t figure out any other way to deal with them.