So it has been almost two years since I last posted on this blog. That is far too long. In my defense 2015 was a crazy year.

In 2015:

Feb: We started remodeling our house, end date in May.

March: I unexpectedly got pregnant with our fifth child.

April:I performed in the ensemble of a community theater production, which monopolized most of my evenings and Saturdays.

May: My dad entered hospice. Also, my house, not finished.

June: I took a roadtrip with my husband to Nauvoo and back.

July: I turned thirty, begrudgingly.

August: My father passed away.

September, October, November: House still not finished. Increasing anxiety about house being finished before baby comes. Also, unexpectedly, severe anxiety about my upcoming birth.

End of November: Began having prodromal labor, eventually leading to severe panic attacks and a total of three completely sleepless nights in four days.  I ended up transferring care from my fantastic homebirth midwife to a wonderful group of hospital nurse midwives. Baby came happy and healthy, and I felt fantastic too.

And then there were the holidays to still get through.

And our remodel didn’t wrap up until January of this year.

But we made it through last year. And the beginning of this year. And the summer.

Now we are one week into our homeschool 2016-17 year. More than halfway done with our gardening year. And finally in a place to sit down and put some small part of my life on the web again. I’m really looking forward to it.