We started our 2016/17 school year two weeks ago. So far, so good. I have been better at making sure we are getting everything done every day, and being totally caught up by the end of the week. This year I have a 5th grader, 3rd grader, and a kindergartner. And I am finally starting to feel like I have a handle on this whole homeschooling thing (ha!).

So here are our curriculum choices for the school year.



Portuguese – Duolingo, Rosetta Stone

Typing – typing.com

Memorization – Scripture, Hymns, Folk Songs and Poetry (we are starting with The Family: A Proclamation to the World)

Family Reading – Little Britches, Swiss Family Robinson, and others.

Geography – Road Trip USA

Science – REAL Science Odyssey Chemistry

History – History Odyssey Ancients Level 1 (T-rex and Superman)

Art/Music – Artist and Composer Study, starting with Renoir and Vivaldi (T-rex and Superman)

We are doing a lot of our ‘bigger’ subjects together, although Miss Bug is doing her own level of History. I also want to increase our family memorization skills, so I am hoping to work on quite of few songs, scriptures and poems, although this first couple of weeks has been less than stellar.


Miss Bug – 5th grade

English – Rod and Staff 4 and 5

Spelling – Spelling Power

Handwriting – A reason for handwriting T

Math – Singapore Math 4b, 5a, 5b

History – History Odyssey Ancients Level 2

Latin – Prima Latina

Art – Artistic Pursuits 4-5 Book 1

She will also read, write book reports and keep a journal with copywork and other writing. She takes clarinet and piano lessons, and Hapkido classes with the family.

As you can see, we are catching up from last year in language arts and math. Latin is a subject I personally would like to be more proficient in (as I am not at all right now) so my oldest gets to suffer through it with me. Art is her personal favorite and this book should help her become more skilled.


T-Rex – 3rd grade

English – Rod and Staff 2 and 3

Phonics – Explode the Code 4, 5, and 6

Handwriting – A reason for handwriting B

Math – Singapore Math 3a, 3b, 4a

Reading – Sullivan’s Programmed Reading 2

Additional – Lots of reading real books, a journal with copywork and other writing. Violin and piano lessons. Hapkido with the family.


Superman – Kindergarten

Reading – Teach your Children to Read with Children’s Books, Sullivan’s Programmed Reading 1a

Handwriting – A Reason for Handwriting K

Math – Singapore Math Kindergarten Math

I want to keep his learning as informal as possible as he is a very active and energy intense kid. We read together, and he is learning words and sounds. He hangs around and does whatever he likes of family learning. And a few sheets of handwriting and math every week.


One thing you may notice is that we are catching up a bit in Language Arts and Math from last year. It was a bit of a crazy year, so we are doing our best this year to make up and do better. I think I will go more in depth about certain subjects and curriculum at a future date, but right now life is calling.

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